frequently asked questions

Why Choose vanessa Valerius wedding & events?

Vanessa is honest, detail-oriented, and have a strong work ethic which makes Vanessa Valerius Wedding & Events a planning powerhouse!  Vanessa cares deeply about providing you peace of mind on the day of your special event.  In being relationship-driven, Vanessa doesn’t just focus on your event – Vanessa focuses on YOU!

My Venue has a coordinator, Should I still book you?

Vanessa Valerius Wedding & Events works exclusively for you, while venue coordinators work for the venue.  Vanessa would be in charge of assisting you in finalizing details and coordinating your big day.   Not only will Vanessa manage vendors and set out your personal touches, but she makes sure the entire production of your event runs smoothly.  Most importantly, Vanessa’s role is to have an eye on every moving piece including the venue, to ensure the day is seamless.

Do you bring assistants?

On the day of your event, you will definitely have Vanessa onsite.  An assistant planner may be needed depending on the size, the layout of your venue, and your final guest count.

We want to plan a wedding outside of the US, can you still help?

Yes, We can! Vanessa works with venues and suppliers locally here in Darien, nationally in the US, and internationally. Vanessa is more than happy to travel to wherever you need her to be.

when do you add travel fees?

Fees vary depending on locations so ask for more details. Travel fees are typically added to any wedding or event outside of the 50-mile radius from the Darien office.  

We want this <image> from pinterest, is it possible to recreate?

The answer is yes, but you would need to keep in mind the differences in budget, scale, geographical location, and availability.  Pinterest is awesome and helps to narrow down your style.  I would highly recommend thinking about what really matters to you, what you love and how you can tell your story as beautifully, creatively, and meaningfully as possible.

is there a minimum budget?

Typically, Vanessa works with a budget of $40,000 for a wedding.  For an entire wedding, including venue, planner, photographer, floral, dress, stationary, catering, etc., on average, clients spend around $350 and up per guest.  This does not include more intimate celebrations.  Please reach out directly for more details. 

How does payment work? do i have to pay for everything up front

All packages require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to secure your date and begin the actual planning process.  The remaining can be broken into two payments: The second payment 12 weeks before your event and the final payment 4 weeks before your event.

Do you have insurance?

Vanessa Valerius Wedding & Events is fully insured.

We love your work and we're ready to book! What's the next step?

What an honor! Head over to the Contact page and fill out the form so that we can schedule your complimentary consultation and start your wedding or event planning experience right away!